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Classe Gastropoda CUVIER, 1795

Ordine Stylommatophora A. SCHMIDT, 1855

Sottordine Orthurethra PILSBRY, 1900

Superfamiglia Pupilloidea TURTON, 1831

Famiglia Pagodulinidae Pilsbry, 1924 - 1

Genere Pagodulina CLESSIN, 1876

Pagodulina austeniana austeniana (G. NEVILL, 1880) – IT-ITA

Pagodulina austeniana adamii (WESTERLUND, 1887) – IT-ITA

Pagodulina austeniana marginans KLEMM, 1939 – IT-ITA

Pagodulina sparsa PILSBRY, 1924 – IT-ITA

Pagodulina subdola subdola (GREDLER, 1856) – IT-ITA


1 Harl J., Haring E., Asami T., Sittenthaler M., Sattmann H. & Páll-Gergely B. (2017). Molecular systematics of the land snail family Orculidae reveal paraphyly and deep splits within the clade Orthurethra (Gastropoda: Pulmonata). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 181(4): 778-794., available online at

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