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Boll. Malacol., 59 pp 154

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Book review Catalogue of the marine gastropod family Fasciolariidae, fossil and recent. A guide to the “Fusidae”

Paolo G. Albano
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italy
M.A. Snyder

Special Publication 25, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, United States, 2022. VII- 313 pp. ISBN 978-1-60483-001-9. Paperback.

Fasciolariidae is a family that encompasses species with beautiful and elegant shells characterized by their elongated shape and distributed globally in temperate and tropical waters. Fasciolariids have often beautiful animals coloured in various hues of red. Their beauty and size contribute to making them a favourite among shell collectors. The family is also diverse, with 500+ recent species and even more currently described from the fossil record.
This high diversity clearly shows how challenging the compilation of this catalogue has been. Indeed, this is the second edition of the Catalogue published in 2003 by the same author that had taken seven years of work already. Eighteen years later, a new, fully revised, edition is offered to us and represents the most authoritative source of information on the taxonomy of this family.


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